How To Be A Redhead

How To Be A Redhead

BONUS: Happy Kiss a Ginger Day

January 12, 2022

It's Kiss a Ginger Day! While the holiday may appear silly on the surface, it actually has a greater significance beyond just locking lips. International Kiss a Ginger Day was invented by a Facebook group in 2009 in order to combat another “holiday” previously created for harassing redheads, Kick a Ginger Day. 

Inspired by an episode of South Park released in 2005, Kick a Ginger Day was created as a Facebook group by a 14-year-old boy from Vancouver in 2008. The holiday was no joke—in its first year, numerous redheads in schools were kicked and punched by their classmates, and the perpetrators proudly declared their acts on the group page. 

We love to celebrate the positivity of Kiss a Ginger Day, so join us in celebrations! 

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Read more about Kiss a Ginger Day here:

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