How do you do that?

How do you do that?

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Tash York: Cabaret
December 09, 2021

This weeks guest is cabaret performer, producer and mentor, plus online content creator, MC and plenty more, Tash York. We talk about her road from musical theatre to cabaret, why... LEARN MORE

Romain Berger: Queer Photography
December 02, 2021

This week were doing things a little differently, I was lucky enough to catch up with French photographer, Romain Berjay. I unfortunately do not speak French, and he only a... LEARN MORE

Jazz Money: Poetry
November 25, 2021

This weeks guest is poet Jazz Money. We chat about how she found her way to poetry, why its important for their voice to be heard and how their work... LEARN MORE

Clare O’Hanlon: Australian Queer Archives
November 04, 2021

This weeks guest is Clare OHanlon, a librarian by day and an archivist by night. Well be chatting about their work at the Australian Queer Archives, referred to as Aqua... LEARN MORE

Rose Kentish: Brewing & Distilling (Sparkke)
October 21, 2021

This weeks guest is the co-founder and head of product at The Sparkke Change Beverage Company, Rose Kentish. Rose is also a maker, flavourist, winemaker, and a distiller. We chat... LEARN MORE

Alexander Berlage: Lighting Design & Directing
October 14, 2021

This weeks guest is theatre director and lighting designer, Alexander Berlage. We chat about what drew Alex to lighting design, how his career path has almost been a full circle... LEARN MORE

Georgia Magarey: Speech Pathology
September 30, 2021

This weeks guest is speech pathologist and the owner/operator of Voice Therapy, Georgia Magarey. We chat about the difference between the voice and speech. Why our voices are so important... LEARN MO

Larissa Reinboth: Possum Portraits
September 23, 2021

This episode comes with a trigger warning, it involves a lot of conversation surrounding miscarriage, still births and perinatal death. If you or someone you know needs support you can... LEARN MORE

Rocco Mammoliti: Psychology
September 16, 2021

This weeks guest is psychologist Rocco Mammoliti, he specialises in LGBTQIA+ and youth psychology. We chat about what drew him to psychology, the inherent need for connectedness especially within the

Jaspah Marques: Yoga
September 09, 2021

This weeks guest is the co-owner and operator of Gertrude Street Yoga, Jaspah Marques. We chat about how he found himself owning a yoga studio, his own personal yoga journey... LEARN MORE