How to Succeed in Evil

How to Succeed in Evil

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Interview with Levi Stahl
January 08, 2016

You can find Levi’s excellent compendium of Westlake(Stark) Nonfiction Miscellany, The Getaway Car on Amazon. Or follow his excellent Twitter feed @LeviStahl.

Interview with Jake Bible
December 14, 2015

Everything you’d need to know about the incredibly prolific Jake Bible is right here. Ironically enough, he is now President of his HOA. Can the Zombipocalypse be far off?

Interview with Chris A. Jackson
November 30, 2015

Chris lives on a boat. My jealous of that is very evil. His website lives right here:

Mold. Mold is Evil
November 15, 2015

Sometimes, disposal isn’t enough. The Soak is here!

Interview with John Hartness
October 22, 2015

More about the Hartness is available at his website:

Interview with Shanna Germain
October 07, 2015

A lovely interview with the Vorpal Blonde herself. More about Shanna and her work here:

Edwin Windsor on the Devil
September 25, 2015

Edwin Windsor reluctantly joins the podcast.

Interview with Nathan Lowell
September 18, 2015

Nate’s webiste Nathan’s Amazon Page Star with Quarter Share

Interview with Lou Anders, Author of the Thrones and Bones Series
September 11, 2015

Much more about Lou is available on his website, ...