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Dear class of 2016
June 18, 2016

—- This was inspired by someone whose graduation party I attended last month, complaining about answering the same three questions over and over, all afternoon long. Subscribe iTunes Or you can open your preferred podcast app / website, a

Episode 29: “Real” Jobs
May 07, 2016

—- This is a discussion of the world as it exists, and in no sense an endorsement of the world as it ought to be. If the day comes when there is a viable future in minimum-wage jobs, I will be delighted to revise this episode. Subscribe iTunes Play

Episode 28: Writing Your Cover Letter
April 30, 2016

—- Well since we’ve talked about resumes, we might as well talk about cover letters, too. Resources for Further Reading (Watching) Talk about resumes How to Adult’s excellent Cover Letter video Subscribe iTunes Or you can open

Episode 27: Creating Your Resume
April 23, 2016

—- There’s lots of excellent advice on making a resume, but here’s the reasoning behind it (and why my advice differs a little bit). Resources for Further Reading (Watching) What is a career, and how do you summarize it? How to Adult re

Episode 26: Confidence vs Arrogance
April 16, 2016

—- Every advice column ever will tell you to be confident. Everyone around you will tell you not to be arrogant. But where’s the line? And how do you tell if you’ve crossed it? Subscribe iTunes Or you can open your preferred p

Episode 25: Good Will Hunting and understanding your value
April 09, 2016

—- One of my friends gets frustrated by what he calls “Good Will Hunting” moments, but I think you should look for those. Resources for Further Reading (Watching) Hank Green muses on all the things that have to happen to make New York C

Episode 24: Explanations: Careers
April 02, 2016

—- People throw the word “career” around all the time, but different people mean different things. Here’s how to tell the difference, and what it means for you. Resources for Further Reading (Watching) Tom Scott describes how he g

Episode 23: Assumptions: If I’m going to do this, it has to be my calling
March 26, 2016

—- What is a “side quest” and what is a “main quest”? Resources for Further Reading (Listening) This isn’t Divergent What is a grown-up anyway? How long does it take to become a grown-up? Subscribe iTunes Or

Episode 22: What are your prerequisites?
March 19, 2016

—- You know what I think is not required to follow your dreams — but what is? Subscribe iTunes Or you can open your preferred podcast app / website, and enter the url i

Episode 21: College
March 12, 2016

—- I know everyone assumes you’re going on to college, but that can be a $30,000 mistake. Resources for Further Reading (Listening) Crucial Skills: Sales Subscribe iTunes Or you can open your preferred podcast app / website, and ent