How Dare You

How Dare You

Latest Episodes

Episode 77 - 2019 Pop Culture Resolutions
December 31, 2018

Maria and Ricky are back to make some pop culture resolutions for the New Year.

Episode 76 - That's Scientifically Impossible
August 20, 2018

Maria and Ricky are looking forward to fall pop culture and have some burning question to ask each other.

Episode 75.5 - You're Dead Wrong - Pretty Woman
August 13, 2018

Maria and Ricky prove Pretty Woman is one of the greatest romantic comedies

Episode 75 - Winning Counts
August 06, 2018

Maria and Ricky have thoughts on The Spy Who Dumped Me and Making It.

Episode 74.5 - Aging Gracefully - Gavin DeGraw's Chariot
July 23, 2018

Maria and Ricky check in on Gavin DeGraw's Chariot fifteen years after its release.

Episode 74 - Make It Dirty
July 17, 2018

Maria and Ricky explored Sorry to Bother You and the Years & Years album Palo Santo.

Episode 73.75 - Top That - Tom Hanks
July 09, 2018

Maria and Ricky rank their top 3 favorite Tom Hanks performances.

Episode 73.5 - You're Dead Wrong - You've Got Mail
July 02, 2018

Maria and Ricky defend You've Got Mail from ruthless critics.

Episode 73 - You Should Be Husbands
June 25, 2018

Maria and Ricky say hello to The Carters and goodbye to compulsory heterosexuality.

Episode 72.5 - Aging Gracefully - Jurassic Park
June 18, 2018

Maria and Ricky revisit Jurassic Park after 25 years.