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Crossover Episode 2: Missing Friends
September 23, 2017

We pick up with the Temporally Displaced as they put together the pieces in the aftermath of the attack on New York and try to find a cure for the suspended Captain Kaiju. The Characters Crustacean-Rex (Julian) – A strange hybrid of human and what

Crossover Episode 1: Return to SICAD
September 08, 2017

Picking up after Dr. Lifespark’s attack on New York we return to the SICAD base as the team tries to dissect the Spider Tank and uncover it’s secrets. The Characters Dr. Candice Caine AKA Thrasher (Archie) – A reverse engineer with SICAD Cand

Out of Time Episode 7: No Time For Reunions
August 05, 2016

Infuriated by his defeat Life Spark released his ultimate creation.  Unfortunately,  our heroes are still reeling from the assault on Black Mountain. Halfway across the country and with Flux still unconscious the team will have to think quickly if they a

Out of Time Episode 6: No Time For Pocket Monsters
July 22, 2016

After rushing to the edge of the city the temporally displaced heroes find themselves in the strange position of defending the giant monster heading towards New York as the Flautist attempts to recapture Crustacean-Rex for Dr. Lifespark. In the aftermath

Out of Time Episode 5: No Time For The Beach
July 08, 2016

With things finally calming down the temporally displaced heroes take some time to begin getting the base together and processing the information dump from Blink’s home in Russia. Of course things never go as easily as expected when the teleporting

Out of Time Episode 4: No Time For Fun
June 24, 2016

With Frey and the Demon safely back on their way to Black Mountain the heroes finally have some time to themselves. Of course, it’s never that easy when you have hundreds of pages of mysterious text to translate, a teleporting master thief on the l

Out of Time Episode 3: No Time For Friends
June 10, 2016

It’s been a long day for our temporally displaced heroes and it’s not getting any better. Investigations into Blink’s string make the pattern of her crimes clear, but not necessarily who she is working for as her crime spree continues.

Out of Time Episode 2: No Time For Art Appreciation
May 28, 2016

As the trio of temporally displaced heroes worked on cleaning up their home and finding out what had become of Savant’s father a nearby bank was attacked. Showing up to help the heroes didn’t expect to face other Metahumans, much less a creat

Out of Time Episode 1: On Time Banking
April 29, 2016

After surviving the attempted abduction of Savant, the heroes are left to put together the pieces. Unfortunately, time is not on their side as a nearby bank is attacked by a pair of Metahumans.     The Characters Ex-Gen (Krista) – A refug

Out of Time Episode 0: Time For A Team Origin
April 15, 2016

We’ve met Flux and Savant, tonight we introduce Ex-Gen, an “enhanced” woman from the future,and explore everyone’s Issue 0s and the Team Origin. One hero from the 50’s,