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Check out Dipperz
October 04, 2021

  Check out the network’s new podcast Dipperz. There’s five episodes on the feed so far; here’s one of them. Episode #4 is $6.66 for the first minute, $.69 each additional minute as Sarah and Lau

Check our new podcast: Not Safe for Network
April 26, 2021

We launch the first episode of Not Safe for Network by talking about the controversy of Tom Bombadil, Disney screwing over creators from companies it's absorbed, and Mads Mikkelsen nearly ending his career before it took off. We go down a rabbit hole tha

Check out A Cosmic Void!
February 14, 2021

 Subscribe now to the new podcast, A Cosmic Void starring Alex Biggs Small and Jeremiah Perez! Here's a taste of one episode, there's more on the feed and many more to come. This episode is about the Alex Garland instant classic: Ex Machina. We diss

Jedi Master's Degree season one
May 04, 2020

Jedi Master's Degree is a podcast that will introduce you to the world of Star Wars, or bolster what you already know. All nineteen episodes of season one are available now! This episode is about the book that was the backdoor pilot to The Empire Strikes

Check out Box Office Battle. Here's a taste.
January 01, 2020

Find out what your host has been up to with the podcast Box Office Battle as we drunkenly debate whether The Rise of Skywalker is any good with NOT SAFE FOR netWORK hall of famers Brandon Beardslee, Zac and Connor Lachenbruch. Plus we rank

In Syndication S01E01 Star Trek
June 15, 2019

Want more of Biggs and Brandon? Here's their new podcast. It talks about the history of television one show at a time. It begins by talking about one of the most iconic television series of all-time Star Trek. Find out the reality of the first i

Hot Take Episode 2
October 10, 2015

Greg Hardy's in trouble again.  Kevin Durant has choice words for our own Stephen K. Smith.  Big Ben has a scandal?  All these stories and more in edition of Hot Take.

Hot Take Episode 1
September 25, 2015

Yogi Berra's dead.  Adam Vinatieri's near dead.  Andrew Luck needs to lose the neck beard.  A hockey player is given a cybernetic arm.  All these topics and many more in Chip Whiteman's new podcast...Hot Take!