Migraine Relief: Make Midlife Easier with CEFALY

November 13, 2021

Our bonus episodes in November are featuring products that we believe help make midlife easier.  Today we are talking to the CEO of Cefaly, Jen Trainor McDermott.  CEFALY is the only over the counter medical device that treats active migraine attacks and helps to prevent future attacks.

Most migraines involve the trigeminal nerve, the largest and most complex cranial nerve.  CEFALY sends tiny electrical impulses through a self-adhesive electrode placed on the forehead to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

There are two settings:

60-Minute ACUTE Treatment - Use at the onset of or during a migraine attack to stop or reduce migraine pain.

20-Minute PREVENT Treatment - Daily preventative treatment sessions can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine symptoms.

You can find Cefaly in our HFCT Holiday Gift Guide in the link below and use HOT10 for 10% off.