Welcome to Your Midlife Tribe: Revel Community Founders Lisa Marrone and Alexa Wahr

September 29, 2021

Welcome to Season 3 of Hot Flashes & Cool Topics podcast! 

We are excited to be partnering with the Revel community and its founders Lisa Marrone & Alexa Wahr to offer an amazing series on Menopause, Women's Health and Positive Aging.  First session starts October 5th @ 3:00 explaining menopause and symptoms with Dr. Liz Lyster.  New sessions will be up the first Tuesday of each month.  Sign up for free now.

Lisa and Alexa are not even 40, but they seem to understand the challenges of midlife women.  We seek community, commonality and new adventures!  They created the online and in person community, Revel to help us redefine and embrace this next chapter on our own terms.

Membership is free until the reach 20,000 members (they are at 10,000 at the time of this episode) and growing quickly.  Find sessions you are interested in, people in your local community to meet up or create your own sessions of interest and invite others to join.

Lisa and Alexa share with us the plan for Revel and how it is growing to help women over 40 redefine our next chapter.

New Series with Hot Flashes & Cool Topics: Menopause & Positive Aging