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Hospitality Digital Marketing Podcast

Show 174 of Tools, News, and Techniques in Digital Marketing for the week of September 22nd 2017

September 29, 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Digital Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren gray and this is episode #174,  we are airing Friday, September 22nd, 2017 where every week we spend around 20 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in digital marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Digital Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time. This week is was show 111. SO let's get started;

“London says no to Uber, Hilton snaps at AirBnB, Apple makes it interesting for templated hotel apps”

Show Notes

Is Apple About to Accidentally Kill Government as Platform?

Jennifer Pahlka | Sep 18, 2017

Here are the top ten stories:


  1. Why Hilton’s loyalty program wants to take you shopping at


  1. You can now book a restaurant reservation on Airbnb


  1. Hilton hotels senior executive dismisses Airbnb as a 'lodging' company; says Hilton is more about hospitality

  1. Hoteliers chase profits by dropping roomservice


  1. Avid Hotels Is the Name IHG Gave to Its New Midscale Brand After a 3-Month Wait

  1. 7 Elements of Hotel Brands Built to Endure


  1. Hawaii, federal regulators crack down on hidden resort fees

  1. Maui considers 29 percent tax hike for some vacation rentals


  1. Google Pushes Predictive Pricing and Packaged Travel

  1. Google Travel Is Worth $100 Billion — Even More Than Priceline

Tims added these two articles;

Are hotel franchise fees a growing problem for owners?

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