History of Southeast Asia

History of Southeast Asia

Episode 120: Question and Answer Session 4

April 06, 2022

Okay, I am back at last! The previous episode of the podcast completed our historical narrative of Southeast Asia. Now for today's episode, I will start answering the questions you have sent me over the past two months. In fact, you sent me so many questions that I will answer some of them in the next episode as well. But I don't mind; thank you for your enthusiastic response!

Oh, and one other thing. I got an email from one listener who said the volume on the podcast was too loud. I thought the sound was all right, because no one mentioned it in the past, and when I listen to my own recordings, I don't have to turn the volume almost all the way up, as is the case with some other podcasts. Therefore, with the software I use for the recording, I turned down the microphone volume, from 86 to 70 percent. Drop me a line if you feel strongly about the change, whether you like it or not. And like always, listen and enjoy! 

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