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Horrific History Podcast

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Resurrection: Season 3 Teaser
March 17, 2019

After a long absence we’re happy to report the Horrific History Podcast isn’t dead yet! We’re not just a footnote in the history of podcasts you used to be able to download but left you “starvening” for more; a new season is getting ready to rise one m...

The Waking Nightmare: Episodes from the Crypt
November 14, 2018

  While trying to work on our upcoming new episode (with a special guest), Eric and Jordan discovered that our technology is having some issues (Jordan blames poltergeists, because that makes about as much sense to her as computers)!

Of Monsters & Men: Halloween Special
October 31, 2018

  What makes a man a man? Join all three of Horrific History’s co-hosts for this new special Halloween episode as we go back in history to look at one of the times scholars and religious leaders asked this very question!

Guns, Ghosts & Serial Killers: Live from Central City Comic Con
October 16, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the awful, bloody and sometimes downright scary history of a town you’re passing through? Take a trip with our co-hosts and join us for our first live interview recorded at Central City Comic Con in this Horrific History Po...

Squeam with us LIVE!
October 10, 2018

Would you like to squeam live? Check out this special announcement about our first-ever live podcast recording with a special guest interview and find out how you can be there!   If you’d like to hear the commercial-free version of our episodes and rec...

Birds, Bees and Bitter Apples: Ancient Birth Control
September 24, 2018

How have people through history thought of and approached reproduction and family planning? Would you trust their birth control methods or consider it another case of the fallacy of ancient wisdom? Join our co-hosts, Eric Slyter and Jordan Watney,

Twelve Thousand Downloads (of Death): Special Episode
August 28, 2018

Horrific History Podcast has hit (and exceeded) a new milestone, so we’re bringing you a special episode with a guest host you’ll remember from Season 1: Curtis Bender! We hope you’ll enjoy this special recording for our 10,000-12,

Forbidden Shmershmidden: Forbidden Places
August 14, 2018

Do you like to push boundaries? Would you go to, and stay in, an area which was legally designated as “off-limits”? If the location was reputed to be haunted, would that spook you out of staying the night? Our co-hosts, Eric Slyter and Jordan Watney,

Harbingers of Doom: Episodes from the Crypt
July 24, 2018

While working on our upcoming new episode, Eric and Jordan discovered that there are three noteworthy celestial events coming up! Since they need a bit more time to finish the summer tour of one of our other programs which goes to libraries all across ...

For a Healthy Glow: Episodes from the Crypt
June 27, 2018

While working on our upcoming “Forbidden Places” episode, Eric and Jordan discovered that one of our intended subjects no longer qualifies as an area off-limits to the public! So, while they scour the planet for other inaccessible locations we thought ...