Horribly Awkward

Horribly Awkward

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#166- Andrea Peterson (Actor, Director, Fitness Instructor)
August 13, 2020

Andrea is an amazing person, ENJOY this episode!Find Andrea on IG:https://www.instagram.com/anddpeter/https://www.instagram.com/andreapetersonfitness/https://www.instagram.com/doyouseeproductions/

#165- B.Rob (Random Ramblings with Rob)
June 23, 2020

Rob from Random Ramblings Podcast came back to visit and hang out for a bit. Good stuff!Find Rob on Twitter:@ItsBRobRandom Ramblings Podcast on Twitter:@3RShowRob on Instagram:https://www.inst

#164- MrZnote (hip hop artist)
June 07, 2020

Hey guys. Back from a super long hiatus with a super cool episode and guest. MrZnote is a independent artist from the east coast and super cool dude.We talk rap, hip hop, Covid 19 shut down and a ton

#163- Game Chat #8 w/ Alyssa White
August 13, 2019

Alyssa and I talk video games this week. Lots of them >>>> "Horribly Awkward" Outro music by: Liza and Sam of Slammerkin Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/slammerkingdom Sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/slammerkingdom

#162- Willis Pate
July 20, 2019

Willis is a huge Life is Strange fan, singer and songwriter, fellow nerd. Recently Willis posted on Twitter that he thought I'd be a cool person to chat with, so I invited him on. Willis is from Alaska and we talk about differences in our living situatio.

#161- Zack Parkerson & Scott Clark from (The Gaming Outsider)
July 14, 2019

Zack and Scott stop by to hangout and talk non video game related random stuff. Things go off the rails, for sure. ENJOY Find Zack on Twitter: @GOcastZack  Smirk on Twitter: @SmirkPodcast  Find Scott on Twitter: @GOcastScott The Gaming Outsider on Twitte.

#160 (Game Chat #7) ACG- Jeremy Penter / Alyssa White
July 08, 2019

This week Jeremy Penter aka ACG (video game reviewer) joins Alyssa and I to talk video games...nothing but games, lots of them. Lets NERD OUT! Find Jeremy on Twitter: @JeremyPenter  Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AngryCentaurGaming Find Alyssa on .

#159- Shelley Pack (Writer/Actor) Josh Sutherland (Writer/Director) CHASING MOLLY movie
July 06, 2019

Shelley Pack and Josh Sutherland drop by to talk about their recently released movie "Chasing Molly" (available to buy or rent, everywhere) Find Chasing Molly on Twitter: @chasing_molly Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chasingmollymovie/ Purchase on .

#158- Wu-Tang Show Recap w/ Dan & Chris
July 03, 2019

Dan from Heroes of Noise Podcast and Chris from ADO Radio stop by the podcast for a recap of our hang out at the Wu-Tang show last week. We also recorded a in-person podcast prior to the show, which you'll find at the end of this podcast. ENJOY! Find Dan.

#157- Jesus Gonzalez (Horrible Gamers Podcast)
June 30, 2019

Jesus Gonzalez from the Horrible Gamers joins me this week in some random topics and conversations. ENJOYFind Jesus on Twitter:@JesusWalksAlotHorrible Gamers on twitter:@_HorriblegamersWebsite:h