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Episode #9 Finding Birth-family in Columbia (1 of 3)
August 20, 2019

M talks about finding her bio-family in Columbia. All of the time she was growing up middle-class in California, her family has been living in poverty in Columbia. She's had a much different life than they can even imagine.

Episode #8 Finding Family with H
August 11, 2019

Can you imagine looking for your birthparents for years and then getting a response and a picture 2 minutes after sending a facebook message?     

Episode #7 Karen and Zach part 3 of 3
August 10, 2019

Grandparent Reunion

Episode #6 Zach and Karen Reunion talk Part 2 of 3
April 26, 2017

Karen talks about Zach knocking on her door, his adoptive parents and telling people their story. It's oddly intimate to tell an adoption reunion story. It seems to tap into people's experiences with their family of origin and can inspire people to...

Episode #5 International Adoption with M pt 2
April 04, 2017

Part two of our talk with M. We talk about maternity leave for adoptive parents, how pervasive adoption is in our everyday lives, and inter-cultural and inter-racial concerns when adopting a baby that doesn't look like their new parents.  Our...

Ep #4 Birthparent Search with H
March 27, 2017

Part 1

#3 Abortion, Emotions and Grief w B pt 1
March 21, 2017

an Abortion Story

Episode #2 International Adoption with M pt 1
March 20, 2017

M's Experience with Adoption in Guatemala