Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

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1. QUICKIE “Sex Accidents”
September 07, 2021

You know how sometimes you only have time for something short .....but sweet? - Hide & Seek on JOY 94.9 proudly presents "Quickies" , bite-size pieces of juicy Hide & Seek pleasure for your ears excl

93. “Hot N Cold” – Temperature Play
September 23, 2020

 Have we got the right temperature to shelter you through the storm! Kink maven Craig joins us to explore everything hot and cold this week. If you're cooped up at home and that ice tray is starting t

92. “Swap Meat” Pics and Digital Privacy
September 16, 2020

 Whenever a celebrity nudes scandal finds its way online, we thank our lucky stars its not our intimates online. What happens when those 'pics just for us' end up on his OnlyFans? - We're looking into

91. “Million Dollar Pill” – Million Dollar PrEP Donations and STI Roundup
September 09, 2020

 Michael and Owen catch up with Joseph from Prepped Smart and Healthy - a charitable project which just reached a milestone of $1 million provided in PrEP support. - Later sexual health nurse Mark joi

90. “What If The Theme Was Sluts” – Sex Therapy and Slutty Sensual September
September 05, 2020

Counsellor, psychotherapist & sexological bodyworker Jeremy Shub dials in to talk about his work as a sex therapist, his new book exploring sex positivity and a new digital sensuality engagement proje

89. “Beautiful Dirty Stitch” – Kinky Crafters
September 05, 2020

Tim and Owen catch up with some kinky crafters using their talents to whip of some stimulating iso-projects. We're talking knitted cock sock coverings with Brett Walker and Luke George about his kinky

88. “A Little More Conversation” – with Owen and Tim
September 05, 2020

 While Michael is down and out getting his wisdom teeth out, Tim and Owen have a one-on-one to learn a lot more about each other. Talking everything that makes them tick, in, out and around the bedroo

87. “I Saw The Shine” – SLICK Week
August 05, 2020

 Michael Tim and Owen sit down with Melbourne Rubberman 2019 Jason Pearce to unpack everything that was live and online for SLICK Week 2020. Ordinarily held in Melbournes queer spaces, the rubber and

86. SEXTRAS “The Nancy Boy of Horror”
July 01, 2020

 The man of your dreams is back! Michael and Owen sit down to unpack all the flaming and internalised homophobia of the stealth queer classic A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985). From

86. “Word Up” – Erotic Fiction
July 01, 2020

 Michael and Owen catch pop with friend of the show and erotic fiction connoisseur Dr. George. We explore getting our rocks off to the written word, fanfic, erotic stories. It's a page turner! - Check