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Balance365 Life Radio

Episode 247: Katie Answers Your Questions About Losing 50lbs

November 23, 2022
Episode Overview

Hello everyone! Today, we’re getting candid with one of our members, Katie McNally! She’s here to answer YOUR questions about losing 50lbs with Balance365. We got dozens of excellent questions from our audience asking about everything from her habits, her mindset shifts, and her experiences in Balance365. We hope you enjoy!

Katie is here to remind us that restriction-free weight loss is possible for ANYONE ready to embrace it the Balance365 way. If you’re ready to start your journey just like Katie did, our Fat Loss Foundations course is NOW ON SALE for Black Friday! Kick off your new year with a simpler and clearer framework for health, wellness, and weight loss in 2023 starting today! Click here to learn more.

Key Points
  • Katie’s “why” and what she was looking for when she found Balance365
  • The beliefs Katie shifted to reach her goals
  • Her experiences throughout her journey, before and after Balance365
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