Heavy Hops

Heavy Hops

HH 040: Sencerone (Pat Fahey/Cicerone Program)

April 15, 2021

Pat Fahey is the Content Director for the Cicerone® Certification Program - a globally recognized certification and education program for beer professionals. In May 2013, Pat was the youngest person to pass the Master Cicerone® exam, and has dedicated his professional career to sensory, education and development of the beer category. 

We discuss his first book Building A Sensory Program: A Brewer’s Guide to Beer Evaluation which was released earlier this year via Brewers Publications. Breweries of all sizes - and homebrewers alike - benefit from having organized and regular sensory panels. Pat argues that sensory panels can be internally inclusive and that consumers perspectives can be valuable in informing decisions made at any brewery. Our conversation also touches the evolving nature of beer styles, the role they play in informing consumers expectations and the risks of overly relying on ratings websites to make decisions. We also discuss the unenviable task Pat undertook discussing every single beer style for Wired Magazine’s Each and Every Series. 

Those interested in checking out Draughtlab's Flavor Map can find it HERE and its predecessor, The Beer Flavor Wheel.

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