Heart of Dating

Heart of Dating

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129: Compatibility 101: Chronic Illness in Dating with Emily Morrow
September 08, 2021

How does chronic illness affect dating?

Minisode: Compatibility 101 “Weight Differences”
September 01, 2021

Does the number on the scale really matter?

Minisode: Compatibility 101 “But He isn’t Tall”
August 26, 2021

Do height differences REALLY matter in a relationship?

Minisode: Compatibility 101: “Age Differences”
August 18, 2021

What's the acceptable age difference when it comes to dating?

Minisode: Compatibility 101: “The List”
August 11, 2021

How do you see your non-negotiable list?

128: Gender Dysphoria, Trans Stereotypes and What the Church Can Do With Kat LaPrairie
August 04, 2021

What is gender dysphoria and what can the church do about it?

127: Transgender Identity, Dating, and the Church with Preston Sprinkle
July 28, 2021

What does the church think about transgender identity?