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Heart of Dating

139: Like Attracts Like: Reclaiming Your Worth with Karrie Scott Garcia

November 24, 2021

Karrie Scott Garcia joins to tell her testimony and to talk about how to reclaim your worth and why understanding it is so important to date well.

As a pastor, life coach, author and CEO, Karrie Garcia has been inspiring change in others by

boldly sharing her journey to freedom. Karrie is not afraid to wade through deep waters,

because she has seen firsthand how God’s true redemptive purpose for our lives does not begin

once we’re free from pain, rather it stems directly out of that pain. 

Today, Karrie is on a mission to redefine freedom for others through her nonprofit, Freedom

Movement. Since 2014, she has fostered an environment at Freedom Movement where anyone

can begin to process and heal, whether they’re taking their first or their last step on the road to

freedom through the organization’s tours, events, workshops and one-on-one coaching. 

Karrie is also the author of The Exchange, an interactive nine-week course through which she

guides individuals and groups from hurting to hope with readings, videos and reflections.

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