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Heart of Dating

138: Nothing Is Wasted In Your Story with Davey And Kristi Blackburn

November 17, 2021

Davey and Kristi Blackburn of "Nothing is Wasted" share their testimony of tragedy, redemption, and how the Lord can transform pain into purpose.

Davey is a writer, speaker, pastor, and podcaster. He is the creator of the Pain to Purpose Course and author of Nothing is Wasted: A true story of hope, forgiveness, and finding purpose in pain (Releasing Jan 2022) and The Pain to Purpose 42-Day Devotional. Kristi is a Physician Assistant who became a stay at home mom and now online wellness coach. She is a co-author of root + marrow cookbook, a collection of allergy-friendly, whole-food, full-flavored recipes for busy families. Her passion is empowering people to take back their health using food as medicine by addressing how they interact with the eight dimensions of wellness. Davey and Kristi founded Nothing is Wasted Ministries to help people partner with God to take back their story. They live in Indianapolis, IN with their three kids, Natalia, Weston, and Cohen and their two dogs, Charlie and Henry.

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