Heart of Dating

Heart of Dating

136: The HOD Community

November 03, 2021

Kait is joined by 7 members of the Heart of Dating Community to talk about why community and friendship is so important in singleness and dating!

Anthony is an elementary band and orchestra teacher in central Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. He is a percussionist, loves the water, and enjoys salsa and bachata dancing.

As a recent transplant to LA, Jen Daramola enjoys exploring beaches and going on random food tours. When she’s not at the beach, Jen enjoys sports, coffee, and music.

Jecca is a life-long New Englander, and drives like a true Bostonian, but actually smiles at people making new friends everywhere she goes and sees everything as an adventure. She's a paramedical foot care specialist, former multi-location salon owner/entrepreneur particularly passionate about developing people and mentoring those most in need of opportunity-advancing life skills, and is always ready to tell the reason for the hope that she has. Right now she's most focused on being a present, deeply-invested disciple-making mom to her own two daughters.

Courtney is a Tennessee girl, business owner, dog mom, recovering people pleaser and self-care advocate. Her life mission is to encourage young adults to live their best lives authentically and unapologetically no matter the chapter of life they find themselves in.

Vice president of a truck line in Memphis, Eric is deeply involved in his church and works a variety of jobs in sports on the side. When not at church or a game (or on the HOD FB page), Eric is usually playing with his nephews or planning/daydreaming his next national park vacation.

Claudia, is a Texan who loves to worship, travel, cook, hike, Two step, and spend mornings at the beach. When she can, Claudia loves to lend a helping hand where she is able; helping and encouraging others brings her joy.

Liam is a hotel night supervisor in Brisbane, Australia. He is a guitarist/vocalist (in the car, anyway) and spends his free time having a Netflix binge, expanding his LEGO collection and searching for the best ramen in town.

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