Heart of Dating

Heart of Dating

135: Single Men's Roundtable

October 27, 2021

What's it like being a Christian, Single man? Join JJ, Gareth, and Jason all from the Men's Community here at Heart of Dating as they discuss what it's like being a Christian, single dude!

JJ Tomlin is a missionary kid born in Belgium, originally from Tennessee, and currently residing in the OC. He currently works in Gaming/E-Commerce, enjoys watching his Tennessee Titans on Sundays with his Goldendoodle Teddy and loves working with Christian men to raise the bar in singleness and dating.

Jason Raine is an LA native, born and raised. He currently serves as a young adult's leader and works a full-time job in Telecommunications. Jason came to know the Lord as a young adult and has a passion for serving in young adults' ministry. Jason loves technology and world missions. He just recently came back from a mission trip in Serbia, where he partnered and ministered to young adults.

Gareth Pon is a South African born, Los Angeles Dwelling, Creative Director, Effulgent Daydreamer, Multifaceted Maker, Photographer, Storyteller and at some stage Africa’s Top Instagrammer. Gareth is a big dreamer and believes everyone should have at least one ridiculous dream they believe can come true. Since he can remember, his dream has been to go to space.

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