Health Matters with Rosie Bank

Health Matters with Rosie Bank

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Stigma of Recovery – Podcast #24
December 10, 2018

Carmell Pelly and Rosie Bank discuss an off-ramp from addiction to move toward freedom.

Giving Thanks for an Embodied Life – Podcast #23
November 09, 2018

#23 Giving Thanks for an Embodied Life Giving thanks to your body during the holiday season… and throughout the year. - Rosie Bank discusses how, when, and why giving thanks to your body is a wholesome endeavor to practice on an on-going basis. -

Gut Health with Dr. Karen Wolfe- Podcast #21
August 02, 2018

#21 Gut Matters: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Digestion to Boost Your 'Second Brain' and Improve Your Mood - Interview with Dr. Karen Wolfe - Join Rosie and her guest, Dr. Karen Wolfe as they discuss why and how having a healthy gut is among the most imp...

Release Trapped Emotions with Dr. Michelle Peticolas – Podcast #20
July 20, 2018

Learn how to release trapped emotions in your body to live with more freedom, happiness, and expressiveness in your life.

Starting a Plant Based Diet with Dr Debra – Podcast #19
June 25, 2018

#19 Starting a Plant Based Diet Interview with Dr. Debra Shapiro - Join Rosie Bank and her guest, Dr. Debra Shapiro as they discuss how to live longer, what to eat to prevent chronic disease, and even how to use whole plants in your diet to treat and...

Marriage of Love and Health – Podcast #18
June 15, 2018

#18 Marriage of Love and Health Interview with Kimi Avary - Continuing with the love/health/romance/vitality theme, please join Kimi Avary and me as we discuss how taking care of yourself positively impacts your love relationship. -

The We in Wellness – Podcast #17
May 29, 2018

#17 The "We" in Wellness Interview with Dr. Gary Salyer What do health and love have to do with each other? What is the “We in Wellness?” Learn from Love Expert, Dr. Gary Salyer ( as he shares enlightening information about h...

Eat Your Veggies – Podcast #16
March 15, 2018

#16 Eat Your Veggies Have you heard the term plant based diet? It is among the most popular themes currently running in the nutrition/wellness/weight management/disease prevention arena. Surely you hear experts recommending that you eat your veggies. ...

Why Stretching Matters Part Two – Podcast #15
January 29, 2018

#15 Why Stretching Matters Part 2 - Yoga stretching is like the fountain of youth. Consider doing yoga stretching for a wide variety of improvements in how you feel in your body every day.  - Think of the difference it would make in your life to feel...

Why Stretching Matters Part One – Podcast #14
January 29, 2018

#14 Why Stretching Matters Part One Yoga Stretching to do at home for optimal health and well-being. Do you resonate with the idea of becoming looser, more balanced, more comfortable, and stronger in your body? If so,