In it to Win it

In it to Win it

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176 - Monday Market Moves - Uranium and Arizona Metals
September 24, 2023

The S&P 500 took a downturn, sitting on support with downside risk to 4200. Gold is flat again for the week, the miners and royalties went down. Great entry points for Gold Royalty Corp and Sandstorm

175 - Rick Rule - Uranium and Royalties
September 20, 2023

Rick Rule comes back on the show to talk our favorite topic - How to make money! We start off with royalty and streaming companies, and dive into Gold Royalty Corp. Then Rick Rule dissects the merger

174 - Uranium Soaring, PGM, Natural Gas Plays
September 20, 2023

We start out as always with the S&P 500. Grinding sideways, looks like it will correct down. Gold and silver were flat for the week, but the miners outperformed. Wheaton Precious Metals and Gold Royal

173 - Monday Market Moves - Uranium Up, Platinum & Silver Best Buys
September 10, 2023

The S&P 500 has corrected down as expected, looking like it has a little more downside risk. Gold and silver look like they have some short term downside with a rising dollar and high interest rates.

172 - Talking Uranium with Justin Huhn
September 06, 2023

We have back on the show our resident uranium expert Justin Huhn! We go over the details with the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, and recent changes. We talk Cameco and Niger updates, and how supply is

171 - Monday Market Moves - Portfolio Review
September 03, 2023

This week we pull up the usual charts, and the companies you submitted. We start out with the S&P 500, looking like we will get a short term pullback. Gold and silver have started to roll over, we sol

170 - Silver and Uranium Update!
August 30, 2023

Quick update on Silver and Uranium. Silver is looking slightly overbought, going to take some profits in $PSLV. Uranium is performing like a boss, and SPUT is almost trading at a premium to NAV which

169 - Steve Penny - Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Uranium
August 29, 2023

Steve Penny of SilverChartist comes on the show to talk our favorite commodities! We touch on the RothIRA advantages, and Precious Metals Price Manipulation. We talk about silver and copper vs the min

168 - Monday Market Moves - Uranium Soars and BRICS Scores
August 27, 2023

The BRICS have concluded their meeting, allowing 6 new countries to join on January 1st, 2024. We need a new anagram for these 11 nations. Please come up with something better than ICE AIRBUSES. The

167 - Greg Mannarino - Central Banks and Commodities
August 22, 2023

Gregory Mannarino - The Robinhood of Wall Street comes on the show to to lay the groundwork for the destruction of our currency by the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks. We talk about the BRICS