Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery

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119. Tips to Staying Grounded During the Holidays
December 01, 2022

This week is a solo where I talk about tips and tools for staying grounded and aligned during the holiday season. In this episode I talk about:How to stay grounded during the holidaysHaving a routineBeing the witness to your experiencesYour attachment

118. Getting Out Of Your Own Way
November 24, 2022

This week I speak to Dr. Nicolya Williams about Human Design, moving out of your own way, the subconscious mind and so much more!In this episode Nicolya and I talk about:How Nicolyas divorce helped free her to live the life she desiresCoaching others

117. Healing Your Divine Feminine
November 17, 2022

This week is a solo where I explore the divine feminine and how to heal it within each of us. In this episode I talk about:Remembering who you are and the feminine within yoQualities of the feminineThe Feminine and GaiaDance with the UniverseThe Mother

116. The Process of Moving Through Your Grief
November 10, 2022

This week I speak to Grace Bella Harman all about the process of moving through grief. In this episode Grace and I talk about:Moving into your body to process griefHow Graces grief helped her connect to her bodyPussy and the root chakraGrief trapped

115. Remembering Who You Are & Witnessing the Ego
November 03, 2022

This week is a solo where I talk about whats been coming up as we move through this eclipse portal energy. In this episode I talk about:Being a witness to the ego and ego emotionsHuman Design CognitionPracticing Non-attachmentGodPracticing gratitudeSe

114. From Trauma to Living Free with Courtney Hanson
October 27, 2022

This week I talked to Courtney Hanson, host of the Sweetest Little Life Podcast, all about her story, struggle with addiction, and how she changed her life to the life she desired.In this episode Courtney and I talk about:Courtney's journey from ro

113: Parenting with Human Design
October 20, 2022

This week is a solo episode where I talk about parenting consciously with Human Design. In this episode I talk about:Human Design for the new children's consciousnessUnderstanding conditioning and cyclesEmotional Authority typesHaving the language

112. The Gift of Emotional Authority with Emma Dunwoody
October 13, 2022

This week I speak with Emma Dunwoody, host of The Human Design Podcast all about Human Design, emotions, parenting and so much more!In this episode, Emma and I talk about:Healing depression and panic disorderLearning about the brain and behavior800 Kilo

111. Connecting to Self & Healing as a Collective
October 06, 2022

This week is a solo where I talk about healing the body to heal the collective. In this episode I talk about:Layers of consciousnessBeing intentional with transits and astrologyThis year's transitsKeeping my spiritualityMayan and Incan ProphesyCon

110. Allowing Your Heart to Take the Lead
September 29, 2022

This week I speak to Rhiannon, an Australian healer, intuitive channel, energy worker, and author, about emotions and remembering who we are. In this episode Rhiannon and I talk about:Being intuitive and what that feels likeAllowing your heart to lead a