Hapless Research – Scientists Say

Hapless Research – Scientists Say

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Hapless Research 10 – Oath Leaks and Wild Speculation
December 08, 2015

There’s more Oath of the Gatewatch leaks so it’s time to talk about hypocyloids Eldrazmo Waste(?) mana. Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim; Mina and Denn Wildborn; and Mystic Gate (maybe) round out the extra leaks since our last episode. Erik and DMoney al

Hapless Research 9 – Kozilek the Sixth Color?!
November 30, 2015

Erik and DMoney are back to talk about a sixth color of Magic! Well, most likely a kind of sixth color. Or something. Who knows, but there was analysis and complaining to be done! How does Waste Mana work? What on Earth is a hypocycloid? Is Kozilek, the G

Hapless Research 8: Hitler, Travis Woo, and You!
November 16, 2015

What the hell did Travis Woo say? This week Erik and DMoney have some drama to discuss. And the plus is there’s actually some reasonably insightful things to be found about the whole dramastorm! Aside from Travis Woo failing to obey his hand’s

Hapless Research 7: A History of Legacy Part 2
November 08, 2015

Erik and DMoney’s history of Legacy concludes in this week’s episode of Hapless Research! This time we’re starting in the aftermath of GP Flash Hulk and going step by step through the evolution of Legacy. We’ll discuss what impact

Hapless Research 6: A History of Legacy Part 1
October 30, 2015

DMoney and Erik take a bit of detour as they tell the first half the hilarious story that is Legacy! This part covers Legacy’s genesis through to Grand Prix Flash Hulk (aka Columbus 2007). DMoney gets to sit down with GP Flash Hulk semi-finalist and

Hapless Research 5: Special PT BFZ Restrospective
October 22, 2015

DMoney and Erik are back a week early to cover everything that happened in Pro Tour Battle For Zendikar! Be sure to check out Erik's enlightened discussion about how you can anger the universe before an angry universe makes you lose another important matc

Hapless Research 4: PT BFZ Hype and Player Draft!
October 15, 2015

e’re back for the fourth episode of Hapless Research! DMoney and Erik talk about their exploration Grand Prix Madison and the SCG Open in Atlanta. Listen as they get geared up for the Pro Tour: Battle for Zendikar and they cover their own PT Player

Hapless Research 2, Part 2: More Battle for Zendikar Spoilers
October 03, 2015

Part 2 of Episode 2 of Hapless Research. … More Hapless Research 2, Part 2: More Battle for Zendikar Spoilers

Hapless Research 1, Part 2: Worlds and PAX Spoilers
October 01, 2015

Part 2 of Episode 1 of Hapless Research. … More Hapless Research 1, Part 2: Worlds and PAX Spoilers

Hapless Research 3: Battle for Zendikar Fantasy Draft
September 30, 2015

Erik and Derek discuss Battle for Zendikar constructed by fantasy drafting the cards! … More Hapless Research 3: Battle for Zendikar Fantasy Draft