Latest Episodes

Ep 27: Using Social Media to Promote and Build with Michelle McCann
March 29, 2019

Join me for the season finale of HaliBlab with guest Michelle McCann of Bold and Italic Social Communications as we recap our trip to Social Media Marketing World. We share where social media is headed, according to the experts (and learn that...

HaliBlab Ep 26: Doing "Women’s Work" with Jessie Harrold
March 22, 2019

On episode 26 of HaliBlab: A Halifax Small Business Podcast, meet Jessie Harrold, coach, mentor, doula & author. She offers mentorship & retreats, guides wilderness quests, and occasionally rushes off in the night to attend a birth. Find...

Ep 25: Saving Vintage Decor and Accessories from the Landfill with Brigid Milway
March 16, 2019

Meet the multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s saving vintage decor & accessories from the landfill. Brigid Milway owns What These Old Things? plus runs a social media consultancy. FB: https://www.facebook.com/Whattheseoldthings  IG: https://www.instagram.

Ep 24: Trying to Save the World One Reusable Product at a Time with Shannon Shields
March 09, 2019

I’m talking to an entrepreneur who is trying to save the world, one reusable product at a time. Join me as I chat with Shannon Shields of Body Honour about her entrepreneurial endeavours making reusable feminine hygiene products and trying to save our pla

Ep 23: How to Be Secure Online in Biz and Life with Victoria McIntosh
March 01, 2019

For Episode 23, meet our guest, Victoria McIntosh, an online privacy specialist. We discuss online privacy, passwords, browsers, and more to help you be secure online in both your business and your life. Website: www.victoriamcintosh.com Twitter: https:/

Ep 20: Going Viral with Katelyn Bourgoin
February 09, 2019

Episode 20 of HaliBlab features Katelyn Bourgoin, the queen of qualitative customer research. She shares what it’s like to have a tweet or two go viral. Find Katelyn on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kbourgoin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KateBour

Ep 19: How a Chemical Engineer Became a Floatation Therapy Expert with Lindsay MacPhee
February 02, 2019

How does a chemical engineer become a meditation and relaxation expert? Episode 19 of HaliBlab features Lindsay MacPhee of The Floatation Centre. Join us as she shares the surprising ways floatation therapy can elevate the quality of your life! www.thefl

Ep 18: Get to Know Events Designer Extraordinaire, Menna Riley
January 25, 2019

Episode 18 of HaliBlab features events designer extraordinaire, Menna Riley! Listen to us chat about amazing events Menna has organized, her ideal client, and her favourite social media platform. And don’t miss her upcoming Leading Ladies Networking event

Ep 17 : Natural Skin Care with Carolyn Crewe
January 19, 2019

Episode 17 features Carolyn Crewe of Duckish, a local company with a variety of natural skin care & bath products, including my personal favourite lip balm! Website: duckish.ca IG: instagram.com/getduckish FB: facebook.com/DuckishNaturalSkinCare Promo f

Ep 16: Travel and Work Remotely with Amy Schwartz
January 11, 2019

Episode 16 of HaliBlab features Amy Schwartz of Unleash Surf, a company that sets up everything you need to work-from-away in a surf-friendly environment. SPECIAL for HaliBlab listeners: Unleash is offering 50% off for the 2-week experience in Feb with