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Haas Team Podcast, Episode 000 - Welcome to the Haas Team Podcast

March 15, 2019

Welcome to the Haas Team Podcast
This episode of the Haas Team Podcast, Episode 000 - Welcome to the Haas Team Podcast was recorded on Wednesday, March 15th, 2019.
The Haas Team Podcast is a weekly fan podcast dedicated to news and discussion regarding Formula 1 racing and the Haas F1 Team. Strap in and join host, Brad Groux, as he discusses the technology, news, race results and drama of Formula One racing. 
Introduction by Brad
Brad is an IT Senior Systems Engineer from Houston, TX, and the founder of the HTX Podcast Network and also the host of the Microsoft Today Podcast. 

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F1 Intro
The F1 Intro by Brian Tyler is one of the most amazing cinematic intros in sports history - and the live version is spectacular. 
Netflix Drive to Survive
The popularity of the Netflix docu-drama will no double lead to many new fans to the sport, especially those American fans who are looking to cheer on our very own, Haas F1 Team.
American Fans
This podcast was started for you, as we can learn more about the amazing motorsport that is Formula 1 together. Our passion for supporting an American team, can be found in our logo - which is the Haas "flying H" replacing the start in Captain America's shield.
The website, which should launch within the next week or so, will be a site dedicated to the Haas F1 team, their drivers, and fans. https://haas.team

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Tribute to Charlie Whiting
Formula 1 suffered a huge blow on the eve of the opening race weekend of the 2019 season in Melbourne after long-time race director Charlie Whiting passed away Thursday morning in Australia. Charlie was just 66 years old and died as a result of a pulmonary embolism, according to the International Automobile Federation (FIA).
Whiting began his career in F1 in 1977 working at the Hesketh Team and then in the 1980s with Brabham. He joined the FIA in 1988 and was the race director since 1997. Whiting was the go-to guy for every team on all matters during an F1 race weekend and he played a major role in making F1 what it is today.

Haas has a tribute to Charlie on the nose of each car that reads, "For Our Friend Charlie"
Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian & Vettel and Max Verstappen spoke of their shock at the news at the official F1 press conference - https://twitter.com/F1/status/1106096419662938113


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