Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets - The Blueprint of Consciousness.

Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets - The Blueprint of Consciousness.

S4/E13: A Meeting of Remarkable Men - Part One

September 23, 2021

Continuing our talks on Work questions and answers, in this podcast we will narrate the first half of a dialogue between Russell and five of his students, which took place in a recent Zoom call, wherein each student reported their understanding about some facet of the work.
It includes the Three-Fold Attention exercise, creating reminding factors, the DOGTALE “Understanding trumps Knowledge,” the Five Obligolnian Strivings, assisting octaves, and sleep.
The transcript, as well as any diagrams for this podcast, can be found on the podcast episode page here.
Our new 520 page hardback, entitled The Blueprint of Consciousness, is now available for order and study - an 8 day journey to awakening with exercises to work on being, and seven chapters explaining the diatonic nature of the universe, with an ultimate exercise to objectively awaken. Available here.


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