Guiding God‘s Girls

Guiding God‘s Girls

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DIG- in - Glorify God in Body and Spirit..
July 29, 2023

What does Glorifying God in Body and Spirit look like? ... in this podcast we discuss what it can look like in our everyday lives. Sometimes we can think "oh this was back then" but we need to be thin

How to be content single??! - Everything Podcast
July 09, 2023

Here you have it!!! My love story! Everything Bagel / Podcast....Please contact me with any questions you may have at @ shilohedell@gmail.comLet God write your story and dont try to write your o

DIG-in = Ephesians 1:4-5
June 30, 2023

God has chosen you but do you choose him? In this podcast I invite you to give your life to Christ, to make him your Lord and Saviour. Because Christ loves us he gave free will and free choice to be w

Galatians 6:6-10
June 24, 2023

I love learning and just digging into God's word. I encourage you to do the same and to dig deeper into this. You will reap what you sow. Make sure you sow good things in order to reap the good.

Everything Podcast...(or bagel)
May 02, 2023

Walk your own path and own journey, dont try and walk someone else's path. The father has made you for you. Let go and let God!Matt 7:7-8

Father Heart Of God
April 18, 2023

" What does Father Heart of God mean?"God is a God who cares, who loves you and has a desire to know you deeper. Why wait to get to know him personally? We all say we know him, but do we really? We'

Over and Over by Elevation Rhythm -- Cover by Shiloh D.
April 15, 2023

Had some free time today and thought to do a cover on this beautiful song!!Lots of Love

- PART 2 - Interviewing Elizabeth about Relationships!!
April 12, 2023

Hey Guys and Girls,Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the other episode! Here's Part 2!Please let me know if you like these podcast or if there are other topics you would like to hear.Blessings!Shiloh

Interviewing Elizabeth about Relationships!! - PART 1 -
March 28, 2023

Hey Girls and Guys,Super thankful I got to record one of my dear friends Elizabeth from DTS (Discipleship Training School) at YWAM (Youth With A Mission). She's been in a Relationship for 2 1/2 years

IM BACK!!! ... for good this time
March 21, 2023

Hello!!I'm back from my almost 6 months away! Here's an update on life