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DEJA KNIGHT: Following Your Creative Path, Building A Career Of Telling Other People’s Stories, And Being Obsessed With Weather
October 10, 2019

If we had favorites, Deja Knight would most definitely be one of them. She is hilarious, determined, relational, dedicated, and really good at what she does. Growing up in the small town of Muscle Shoals, AL,

LEE DEAS: Being A Marketing Solutions Company, Tapping Into Your Network, And Keeping Your Health In Check As An Entrepreneur
October 01, 2019

Lee Deas is a force to be reckoned with, in all the good ways. She’s a native Charlestonian so her love for, roots to, and knowledge of Charleston run deep. She’s a big thinker, she’s a speaker, she’s a mentor, she’s a change agent,

SEAN FLOOD: Having An Accurate Definition Of Success And Failure, Believing Strongly In Your Idea, And Being Well-Positioned In Your Industry
September 24, 2019

As CEO of Gotcha, Sean Flood is on a mission to disrupt the car industry. Gotcha is an e-mobility company that offers three sustainable micro-transit products: customized dockless bike share, electric scooters and e-trikes.

JENNIFER MORGAN: Living Through Regret, Regaining Your Confidence & Mojo, And Building Something You Need
September 17, 2019

Jennifer Morgan is as dynamic as they come. We knew the moment we met her that we liked her. Her personal motto is “Work hard. Be kind.” How can you not like that kind of person? She’s got vision, a deep desire to help others,

JANET ARNEAU: Seeing Roadkill As Art, Being A Yes Person, And Loving Your Work
September 03, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered what the behind the scenes are like in a reality TV show, this episode might just answer some of those questions for you. Janet Arneau grew up in Charleston, then went to the University of Tennessee where she got her degree in t...

MOLLY FIENNING: Taking Products Successfully To Market, Tapping Into Your Tribe, And Finding Your Best Customers & Over Delivering To Them To Create Brand Loyalty
August 27, 2019

Photo cred: Lindsey Harris You know those people who seem to be the whole package? Well, that is Molly Fienning to us – what a privilege to get this interview time with her. She’s funny, she’s incredibly smart (hello, Harvard grad), she’s beautiful,

RANDI WEINSTEIN: Being Ahead Of Your Time WIth Ideas, Always Loving What You Do, And Believing Everyone Is Equal
August 20, 2019

Randi Weinstein is a bit of an icon in the Charleston (and beyond) food and beverage scene. She’s the type of person who makes a difference, loves others along the way, and gets shit done. She grew up on Long Island in NY,

Jules & Statoya: What Do We Actually Do?, Taking A Product To Market, And Getting Sh!t Done
August 06, 2019

We get the question all the time… “What do you guys actually do??” Which is a great question! So, we decided to record an episode to put an end to the mystery and we tell all – the celebrations, the hardships, and everything in between.

HARRISON BLACKFORD: Doing What You Never Thought You’d Do As A Career, Changing Scenery For Inspiration, And Infusing Your Personality Into Your Art
July 31, 2019

Photo cred: Anne Rhett Photography  Harrison Blackford never thought she’d become an artist for a living. Growing up in Spartanburg, SC, she always appreciated art, even as a young girl, and went on to study art history as her focus,

MARIE STITT: Honoring & Continuing Your Family Legacy, Marrying Your Italy Crush, And Treating Wine As An Experience
July 23, 2019

Marie Stitt came by the food and beverage industry honestly. Originally from Alabama, her Dad and step mom own 3 well-known restaurants in Birmingham, and her mom and step dad were deeply involved in the Charleston culinary scene.