Grunt the Podcast

Grunt the Podcast

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Episode 2: Lima Company, Iraq 2007
January 19, 2018

This podcast contains graphic imagery and language. It is not recommended for those under the age of 18 or those sensitive to violence, death, and war. In this episode, we speak with Infantry Assaultman Chris Croghan to hear his story about his experienc.

Episode 1: Force Recon Pirate Takedown
April 04, 2017

On September 8th, 2010, nine pirates took over the MV Magellan Star, a massive 440-foot-long cargo ship, The ship's Captain and crew of eleven, killed the engine and ran into the safe room,deep withi

GRUNT: Episode 01
September 28, 2015

GRUNT: A Podcast about War and those who fight. …