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Michael "Coop" Cooper: Leap Towards Your Dreams
September 30, 2019

EPISODE 50!!!!!   Today's episode features my good friend and master barber Michael "Coop" Cooper as he talks about his journey getting to where he is today. From leaving NC with just a bag and the clothes on his back to elevating his craft and...

GrUBdate: Legacy
August 22, 2019

Happy GrUBday ya'll! Newest episode (and last one for season 4) is now up!    Thank you all for your patience over the past year. I just wanted to give you all an update on what's been going on with the GrUBcast, what future plans are, and...

Brandon Blackwell: The Art of Balance
April 14, 2019

Happy Sunday GrUBfam!     Back off hiatus with more fire and stories that inspire.     Today’s episode features Brandon Blackwell and we discuss his journey to becoming an occupational therapist and starting his own training...

Jon Weber: Storytelling and Self-Discovery
December 13, 2018

Happy GrUBday fam!   For this episode of the Growing Up Black podcast, we speak to Jonathan Weber about his pursuit towards writing and acting, growing up as the only black person in his family, and the importance media plays in helping young...

Soundbites Ep. 16: Self Love
November 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday GrUBfam! We’ve got the first segment of soundbites coming at your earlobes today and we’re talking about the importance of self love! No long winded description this time around. Just wanted to send you all a reminder to love...

Chiara Richardson: Being Perfectly Imperfect
October 18, 2018

Season 4 is here! Happy GrUBday fam!   For the 45th episode of the Growing Up Black podcast, we speak to Chiara Richardson about her journey as an artist, discovering what your passions are, and learning to be OK with being perfectly imperfect...

Soundbites Ep. 15: Keep Doing What You're Doing
July 31, 2018

Happy Tuesday GrUBfam! We’ve got the last segment of Soundbites to close out season 3 and today I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing.*   *If you believe you’re already putting your best foot forward   Every month...

Darius Glover: Sexuality and the Spectrum of Blackness
June 22, 2018

Happy Friday and Happy GrUBday fam!   It’s #Pride Month and today we have another great conversation ahead with Mr. Darius Glover discussing his journey as a gay black man, intersectionality, and the importance of finding/creating a community...

Shayla Mars: Mental Health and Wearing Masks Pt. 2
June 07, 2018

Happy #ThrowbackThursday and Happy GrUBday fam!   Today we have part 2 of our conversation with Shayla Mars as we dive deeper into her journey with mental health, how friends can help others with depression, unpacking what it truly means to be...

Shayla Mars: Mental Health and Wearing Masks Pt. 1
May 17, 2018

Its #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth and the newest episode of the GrUBcast is up! Todays episode features another guest Ive wanted for a long time, Shayla Mars, and we discuss mental health in the b