Growing Our Family - Parenting Podcast

Growing Our Family - Parenting Podcast

57: Safely Preparing Infant Formula

July 03, 2020

Parenting Podcast – Episode 57 – Safely Preparing Infant Formula

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In this episode, Brittany covers how to safely prepare and store infant formula. “It is important that infant milks are made up safely. Powdered infant formula is not sterile and needs to be made up of a temperature which will kill any potential bacteria present. All equipment needs to be sterilized, and it is important to know how to make up and store milk safely.”

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Growing Our Family · S02E57 – Preparing Infant Formula


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Show Notes

* What is infant formula? * Different types of infant formula* First infant formula* ‘Hungry baby milks’ or ‘second milks’* Follow-on formula* Fun Fact: “Unless your doctor or health visitor gives you different advice, first infant formula is the only type of formula your baby needs until they are one year old.* What you need for formula feeding * Bottles with nipples and bottle covers* Bottle Brush and Nipple brush* Formula (powdered or sterile liquid formula)* Sterilising equipment* How to sterilise feeding equipment * Cold-water Sterilising solution* Steam sterilising (electric or microwave)* Sterilising by boiling* How to make up a feed