Growing Our Family - Parenting Podcast

Growing Our Family - Parenting Podcast

50: Becoming a Surrogate with Stacy Heidel

May 15, 2020

Parenting Podcast – Episode 50: Becoming a Surrogate with Stacy Heidel

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Stacy Heidel is a mom, wife, and gestational surrogate. She runs the blog “Stories from the Stork” where she talks about her experiences as a surrogate and shines a light on what gestational surrogacy really entails. Tune in to learn all about surrogacy! 


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-What made you decide you wanted to be a surrogate?

-After you decide this is something you want to pursue, how do you start?

-What’s the difference between Traditional vs gestational surrogacy

-How does the transfer process work? 

-What requirements do surrogates have to meet? Are there tests that need to be run?

-Does your health insurance cover it or do you get put on the intended family’s plan?

-Do you get attached to the baby? Is it hard to give up after birth?

-Can you tell us about your surrogate experiences and how they differed from your personal pregnancies?

– How does the delivery process work?

– What happens after delivery and into the future?

– What does your husband think of all this?

– What are the meds like?

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