SG² Steve Gladen on Small Groups

SG² Steve Gladen on Small Groups

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How To Connect To Everyone In Your Church!
August 16, 2023

You can download your planner HERE and the church planner HERECheck out the videos referenced in the podcast HEREEveryone's got excuses... and here are 5 of the most common. But if you are hearing one (or all) of these excuses in your small group ministry

4 Consequences You Need to Avoid
August 09, 2023

1. How do you handle unclear or wrong communication?2. How do you handle worry?3. How do you figure out who's after you?4. How do you handle failure?7 Lessons Learned from Face Plants1. Think through your response and LISTEN2. The response is always done

7 Ways CRM Can Improve Discipleship
August 02, 2023

Steve Gladen, Global Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback Church, pulls from his 20+ years of small group ministry experience to encourage and equip listeners to lead healthier, growing and more effective small group ministries. In this episode, Steve is joi

3 Areas for Your Groups to Shine in Today’s Culture
July 26, 2023

Listen is as we go back to February 2021 and the 3 Areas for Your Groups to Shine in Todays Culture. We still find that this will be relevant in your group's setting today!7 CivilitiesListen with your eyes (dont roll your eyes) acknowledge their view

Current and Future Group Trends w/ Rick Warren (Part 1)
July 12, 2023

Listen in as Pastor Rick Warren talks about the coming trends in small group ministries. This was from our Lobby 2019 Gathering and is still relevant today! Part 2 next week! Support this podcast

10 Strategic Tips for Follow Up with Small Group Leaders
July 05, 2023

Goal: To know how to set and be comfortable having coffee/follow ups with Small Group leaders.Why: We want you to be totally comfortable contacting and meeting with small group leaders.It is important to remember that these folks are just like you. They h

5 Areas to Reimagine Coaching
June 28, 2023

In this episode, Steve Gladen breaks down 5 areas where ministry leaders can re-imagine how they do coaching for their groups ministry. The following is what will specifically be covered in this show:History of Coaching Staff or volunteers Serve in one He

Current and Future Group Trends w/ Rick Warren
June 14, 2023

From the Lobby Gathering in 2019, Pastor Rick Warren shares his heart on Small Groups and what is to come. Support this podcast