Grilled by The Staff Canteen

Grilled by The Staff Canteen

S2 Ep19 - Adam Handling

May 18, 2020

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In this episode we spoke to Adam Handling.

It’s important to note that we spoke to Adam before the recent announcements regarding lockdown and the furlough extension.

Adam is the chef owner of the Frog restaurant group, the AH restaurant group, Eve Bar, The Stag and Ugly Butterfly.

His business has been devastated by the effects of the coronavirus but he is keen to get up and running as soon as the government give the green light.

He talks about not only the financial impact but the ripple effect which it has on his family, investors and his staff.

We also discuss the mental strain this financial pressure has had on people, himself included and wether he thinks people’s mental health will be effected in the long term.

On a positive he does believe the industry will get back on his feet an dhe has enjoyed having more time to spend with his son.

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