Grilled by The Staff Canteen

Grilled by The Staff Canteen

S2 Ep16 - Kaori Simpson

April 27, 2020

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In this episode I talk to Kaori Simpson, chef owner of Harajuku Kitchen in Edinburgh.

She started in kitchen’s as a child in Manila cleaning cuttlefish in her mum’s Japanese restaurant. Her journey to Scotland came after she studied international relations at Plymouth University and met her husband who was from Edinburgh.

She spent time working with Tom Kitchin before opening a Japanese street food stall serving udon noodles and gyoza dumplings and then a permanent site was opened in 2013.

Kaori talks to me about cooking for the Scottish Rugby team, why her inspiration comes from her own apetite and what she wants to eat and how she is adapting her restaurant so she can keep cooking through the coronavirus lockdown.

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