Gridiron Heroics

Gridiron Heroics

Broncos v Chargers Recap + Week 6 Top Performers

October 19, 2022

Today on the Gridiron Heroics Football Show, Max Dean is joined by Kyron Samuels for the Broncos v Chargers MNF Recap and Week 6 Top Performers! After covering Kyron's Offensive Line of the Week and Individual Performance of the Week, they close out by reflecting on Max's Official Power Rankings. You can also catch Max and Kyron’s Top Performers LIVE every Tuesday on YouTube at 9:30am ET! See below for full episode details.

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-Broncos v Chargers Recap w/ Kyron Samuels of Gridiron Heroics -Kyron's Offensive Line of the Week

-Kyron's Individual Performance of the Week -Max's Week 6 Power Rankings


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Max will be back Wednesday with a slew of guests for the Big Midweek Show!