Gridiron Heroics

Gridiron Heroics

Raiders v Chiefs Recap + Week 5 Top Performers w/ Kyron Samuels

October 12, 2022

Today Max Dean is joined by Kyron Samuels for the MNF Raiders v Chiefs Recap, and then break down Kyron’s Top Offensive Line of the Week and top Performer of the Week. They close out with a reflection on Max’s official Power Rankings for Week 6, although a corrupted file caused the tail end of the episode to be lost.

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-MNF Raiders v Chiefs Recap w/ Kyron Samuels of Gridiron Heroics

-Kyron’s Top Offensive Line of Week 4

-Kyron’s Top Performer of Week 4

-Max’s Week 6 Power Rankings


-Max Dean: @TheMaxDean

-Kyron Samuels: @kyronsamuels

Thanks for joining us for our Raiders v Chiefs Recap! We will be back Wednesday with our Big Show talking News, Fantasy, College, Injuries, and the Bears v Commanders TNF  Matchup!

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