Green is Good

Green is Good

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Unplugged! Why & How to Stay Unplugged on the Grid with Dawan Global's Nagwa Awad
October 21, 2015

Bringing the charge of energy to everyone, Dawan Global is seeking to make devices last longer with less energy.

Leading the Way in Technology and Ecological Design with Qualcomm's Phil Lisotta
October 19, 2015

Green architecture now seems to be the industry norm. So how is the industry leader incorporating ideas about light, space and energy into these living spaces?

'Greening' the Playing Green with USGA Green Section's Dr. Kimberly Erusha
October 16, 2015

How do we keep our golf courses green, sustainable and in peak playing condition?

The Tech That Cuts Costs & Saves Energy with SHIFT Energy's Andrea Curry
October 14, 2015

How can software help major commercial buildings, arenas, hospitals and more optimize energy use - and continue to do so over time?

From Football to Farming with Shire Gate Farm's Will Witherspoon
October 12, 2015

Will Witherspoon went from the NFL to the farm, and is serious about producing sustainably raised beef.

Cutting the Carbon Impact of Large Sports Events with Dow Olympic Operations' Jeff Hansbro
October 09, 2015

How is Dow Olympic Operations planning to mitigate carbon impact at events like Rio 2016?

How Sports Teams Can Share Their Sustainability Story with Green Bear Group's Joe Khirallah
October 08, 2015

It starts with a vision, with an idea - Green Bear Group works with some of the biggest names in sports, helping them build and share their sustainability story.

The Zero-Waste Stop at the PGA Tour with Waste Management's Janette Micelli
October 07, 2015

How is the PGA's Waste Management Phoenix Open implementing zero-waste principles and water conservation?

The Founding & Future of the Green Sports Alliance with Lendlease's Jason Twill
October 07, 2015

What inspired the founding of the Green Sports Alliance? How is it bringing leagues and venues together to promote sustainability?

Chemistry for a Sustainable Future with BASF's Charlene Wall-Warren
October 06, 2015

Looking at the lifecycle of stadium operations, of everyday products, what role does chemistry play in promoting and furthering sustainability?