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Receivership for Cannabis Business Investors
April 09, 2020

As an investor in a cannabis business, you know that some businesses do well and others fail…it’s simply the nature of investing. Businesses fail for many reasons…bad operations, poor product quality, or simply running out of capital.

Big Difference Between Buying a Cannabis License vs. Buying a Cannabis Business
March 30, 2020

There is a very big difference when choosing whether to purchase a cannabis license or a fully operational cannabis business. You need to consider the market capacity, your budget, skill set, team size and much more.

Q&A – Cannabis Taxes & Cannabis Industry
March 26, 2020

Yesterday Derek & Jim held a live presentation to answer questions that we have been receiving over the past few weeks about the cannabis industry, cannabis taxes and more. Here is a list of the questions.  Click on one to be taken to the question and ...

2020 Cannabis Business Chat
March 20, 2020

Derek and Jim did a live stream yesterday to discuss topics including: What HR Changes You Should Consider Right Now ​​What Finance Options You Should Be Looking At Supply Chain Considerations If you have any questions,

Cannabis Dispensary Layouts
March 16, 2020

The layout of a cannabis dispensary can have a huge impact on the customer experience as well as the financials of the business. It’s a balancing act of form, function, finances and cannabis compliance to develop a solid layout that helps you earn the ...

California Cannabis Excise Tax Updates for 2020
March 09, 2020

As a cannabis distributor in the State of California, you are responsible for collecting and remitting cannabis excise tax to the CDTFA. As of January 1, 2020, there have been some important updates that you may or may not have been aware of.

Cannabis Business Chart of Accounts
March 03, 2020

As a cannabis business, you will need a chart of accounts to keep your accounting under control. It helps to have a specific cannabis chart of accounts to help mitigate the impact of 280E on your cannabis business taxes.

Cannabis CoGS: Cost Tracking and Allocation for Cannabis Businesses
February 27, 2020

As a cannabis business operator, you understand that taxes can be a complete nightmare because of IRC 280E. Being able to properly calculate your cannabis CoGS is paramount to having accurate tax filings and solid records in case of an audit.

Tax Benefits of an Employee Handbook & Job Descriptions
February 24, 2020

Employee handbooks and job descriptions are critical documents for every cannabis business.  There are the typical HR benefits, but did you know that there are tax benefits for cannabis businesses as well? With 280E,

Cannabis Dispensary KPIs to Track
February 17, 2020

In a competitive cannabis industry, making use of all the data that you are creating as a cannabis business will help you get ahead of your competition. As a cannabis dispensary, you either work smart or your business will slowly die off.