Greater Than Code

Greater Than Code

255: Building Global Love Bubbles with Anne Griffin

October 20, 2021

02:47 - Anne’s Superpower: Empathy & Collaboration

Feeling Accepted & Creating a Sense of Safety
Creating Happy Bubbles
Making People Feel They Matter on Teams

No Matter Status (i.e. Employees vs Contractors)
No Matter Geographical Location/Timezone

Equivalence in Remote Work

17:45 - Framing and Shaping Relationships + Communication

Changing Company Culture
Sharing Concerns with Upper Management
“We are all on the same team.”
Silence IS a Response
Working Through Challenging Conversations

29:47 - Helping People Learn – Work Therapists: Should/Could They Exist?

38:18 - Having Support Outside of Work: Networking

Find Communities First; Individuals Second
Attract Your Dream Job
Making Sure People Know What You Do!

48:20 - Overcoming Job Responsibility Misperceptions

Managing Project Ownership and Roles
“Secret Agile”


Arty: Being able to find strength and solidity within yourself so you can be someone that helps to contribute to moving things in a positive direction.

Casey: Coaching men on DEI. How could it be successful?

Anne: The future of where we need to go as a society, especially a tech-driven society, is to ask yourself how do you bring what you love to the table and to do it with love.

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