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AWS vs. GCP: Understanding The Key Differentiators
January 11, 2020

Great Data Minds is honored to have Joe Reis and Matt Housley from Ternary Data provide their perspective on the differences between Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, as it pertains to data and AI services.Intended for a business minded audi.

Technology Matters: Semarchy, The New Face Of MDM – XDM
January 11, 2020

Great Data Minds has seen first-hand how Semarchy’s solutions help organizations solve enterprise master, reference and collaborative data challenges. Dubbed by GDM as a “modern MDM” solution, Semarchy approaches data management in a fundamentally differ.

Using Data and AI for Nature Conservation
November 26, 2019

Join the GDM team this week as we talk about how the Nature Conservancy uses data and artificial intelligence to help in their mission. 

A Bit of a Data Unicorn: From Data Sprinkles to Augmented Reality
November 13, 2019

Join us this week as we speak with Tim Stutts, a designer who has worked with data on everything from commercials to creative applications to spacial computing devices.

What's All The Hub Bub About Data Dexterity
October 30, 2019

Join the GDM advisory team as we discuss data dexterity with expert David Napoli.

Damn Compliance! What You Need to Know About GDPR/CCPA as a Data Professional
October 10, 2019

This episode we will dive into GDPR/CCPA with expert Great Data Minds adviser Sean Hewitt.Visit Our Website

Bill Inmon: The Man who Put Data Warehousing on the Map
October 07, 2019

Join our advisers this week as we dive into Data Warehousing with one of the greatest to ever do it! Bill InmonVisit Our Website

Analytics as a Product - SAFe® in Numbers
September 23, 2019

Join us this week as we dive into the revolutionary SAFe® framework with expert GDM adviser Mike Lampa!Visit Our Website

Design Thinking for Data
September 02, 2019

This week we dive into Design Thinking with expert GDM adviser Joe Wilhelmy!Visit Our Website