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An Overnight Success: Connect for Health Colorado’s Move to the Cloud
January 20, 2021

Connect for Health Colorado is Colorado’s official healthcare marketplace. With more and more people moving to Colorado, thus utilizing their site to obtain insurance, they realized that their traditional analytics environments could not provide them wit.

Great Data Minds' Personal Meeting Room
December 16, 2020

We had the pleasure of interviewing another outstanding thought leader woman in the world of data, and a big proponent of women in technology: Kara M. Annanie Thanks Kara for a great interview!Youtube link: D...

Knight at the HR Roundtable
November 17, 2020

Human Resources teams are usually on their own island when it comes to managing their HR analytics program. Due to the sensitive nature of their data, traditional IT and data teams err on the side of caution due to privacy concerns and avoid integrating .

What Real Looks Like
November 12, 2020

Data Governance and MDM are strategic programs that are critical to mature data practices. Traditionally, these programs are heavy, require expensive technology and take years to deploy. With innovative solutions and approaches, this has changed. Please .

Data Therapy
November 12, 2020

Data nightmares? Data drama? Do you have the Monday morning dread? Tired of working so hard? Join our virtual therapy session and bring us your data woes. Our team of DataOps enthusiasts will dig through your problem and prescribe DataOps solutions t...

How Setting up a Ventures Group can Accelerate Innovation
October 26, 2020

Join our special guest, Sharon Allpress from DCP Tech Ventures as we discuss the benefits of standing up a Ventures group to accelerate innovation.

Freeing Up Funding for Innovation w/ Matt Stava
August 25, 2020

Join us and our special guest, Matt Stava, CEO of Spinnaker Support as we discuss freeing up funding through the use of 3rd party support.

An Interview with Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer, ThoughtSpot
June 29, 2020

Please join Paul Kautza, Great Data Minds Advisor and one of the top visionaries in the industry in Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot. We talk about industry trends, ThoughtSpot differentiators and what she and others are doing to .

"In Honor of Kevin Bacon" the Skinny on Graph Databases
May 16, 2020

Ready to finally learn what graph databases really are and what makes them so powerful? Watch our session with Senior Cloud Architect Dan Galavan as he takes us through the skinny on graph databases.  How does Kevin Bacon fit in here?  You'll have to wat.

Compliant and Augmented Data: Helping Property Buyers and Seller Make Informed Decisions
April 10, 2020

Please join us for this great discussion with special guest Dana Bennett, VP of Industry Engagement and Standards at REcolorado. Dana walks us through the critical importance of data to the real estate market. She shares exciting information about new da.