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Freeing Up Funding for Innovation w/ Matt Stava
August 25, 2020

Join us and our special guest, Matt Stava, CEO of Spinnaker Support as we discuss freeing up funding through the use of 3rd party support.

An Interview with Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer, ThoughtSpot
June 30, 2020

Please join Paul Kautza, Great Data Minds Advisor and one of the top visionaries in the industry in Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot. We talk about industry trends, ThoughtSpot differentiators and what she and others are doing to .

"In Honor of Kevin Bacon" the Skinny on Graph Databases
May 16, 2020

Ready to finally learn what graph databases really are and what makes them so powerful? Watch our session with Senior Cloud Architect Dan Galavan as he takes us through the skinny on graph databases.  How does Kevin Bacon fit in here?  You'll have to wat.

Compliant and Augmented Data: Helping Property Buyers and Seller Make Informed Decisions
April 10, 2020

Please join us for this great discussion with special guest Dana Bennett, VP of Industry Engagement and Standards at REcolorado. Dana walks us through the critical importance of data to the real estate market. She shares exciting information about new da.

Suzie Wants A Pie Chart
March 11, 2020

Are we really asking people about their data needs or are we just giving them what we think they need?Join us in exploring how human-centered design principles can help improve data literacy.

For The Love of AutoML
March 05, 2020

Please join our GDM Advisor Jesus Diaz as he talks with Jonathan Hodges, VP of Data Management and Analytics at Workiva as they discuss the benefits of AutoML.

Alberto Cairo Interview
February 09, 2020

Alberto Cairo is a journalist and designer, and the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami (UM). He is also the director of the visualization program at UM’s Center for Computational Science. He has be.

Ok Boomer, a Different Perspective on Blockchain
January 30, 2020

With our OK Boomer series, we are looking for fresh perspectives on old subjects. Please join our guest Addison Bennett as he gives shares his views on Blockchain, what is reality and what we can expect in the years to come.

AWS vs GCP: Understanding The Key Differentiators
January 30, 2020

Great Data Minds is honored to have Joe Reis and Matt Housley from Ternary Data provide their perspective on the differences between Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, as it pertains to data and AI services.Intended for a business minded audi.

Technology Matters: Semarchy, The New Face Of MDM – XDM
January 30, 2020

Great Data Minds has seen first-hand how Semarchy’s solutions help organizations solve enterprise master, reference and collaborative data challenges. Dubbed by GDM as a “modern MDM” solution, Semarchy approaches data management in a fundamentally differ.