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Sleuth! Episode 5 - New Year's Eve Debacle (New Format!)
January 14, 2017

A new podcast format, a new Sleuth adventure! Fra…

Sleuth! Episode 4 - The Case of The Able-Bodied Automatons or Frank's Worst Nightmare
October 31, 2016

Frank's newest case takes him to a children's res…

Sleuth! Episode 3 - The Flip Flopping Accountant Matter
February 17, 2016

Frank tries to bring in the new year but ends up …

Sleuth! Episode 2 - The Animal Avenger
December 20, 2015

Frank is hired to investigate a series of animal-…

Space Cases Episode 2 - A Space Halloween
November 17, 2015

A rather late but hopefully still enjoyable Hallo…

Sleuth! Episode 1 - How Hollow is O' Hallow's Eve
October 19, 2015

The first show to be released under the Grandstan…