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E173: A Jack of All Trades -- Chatting with Playwright, Actor, and Musician Jack Canfora!
November 26, 2022

Jack Canfora chats with Grade A Nation about his various pursuits over the years. Although Jack has accomplished quite a bit, his heart is in writing plays and the live theatre. On the show, Jack and Chris Thomas talk about: -Jack's passion for the writte

E172: California Girls are Open Books (But Not Always with Open Legs) - OnlyFans Star and Podcaster Adelia Acker!
November 21, 2022

Grade A Nation is joined by content creator Adelia Acker, who has an OnlyFans account with hundreds of thousands of followers as well as a podcast called That's OFfensive about working on the platform. Adelia has experienced a lot, including: -being kidna

E171: Diamonds are Forever with Jewelry Concierge Kat McCoy!
November 14, 2022

Best Kept by Kat McCoy is a jewelry consultation and sourcing company that tries to take the anxiety out of the jewelry purchasing process. Chris Thomas talks with Kat about how Best Kept was created and how it operates as a concierge service.  Areas cove

E170: From Catholic School to Pornhub Award Winner – Serenity Now with Serenity Cox!
November 08, 2022

In this fun-filled installment of Grade A Nation, Chris Thomas chats with adult content creator Serenity Cox, who has just exploded on the amateur scene through posting on Pornhub, earning over 200 million views and over 200,000 subscribers to her channel

E169: The Missionary Man (But Not in That Position With Another Man)?
November 07, 2022

During this sometimes combustible chat on Grade A Nation, Chris Thomas chats with Matthew Karchner, a man who founded the non-profit ministry known as Castaway Ministries. Matthew operates the ministry out of Cambodia. Raised in the United States, Matthew

E168: Avoiding No Nut November with Mystery Vibe CEO Dr. Soum!
November 02, 2022

On this installment of Grade A Nation, Dr. Soumyadip Rakshit (not pronounced how you think, get your mind out of the gutter) joins the program. Dr. Soum is the co-founder and CEO of sexual health company Mystery Vibe. He discusses the science behind where

E167: Enjoy the Silence with Authors Leigh Marz and Justin Zorn!
October 29, 2022

On this installment of Grade A Nation, Chris Thomas chats with Leigh Marz and Justin Zorn, authors of the book, Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise. The book approaches noise and silence in a sophisticated manner that should get people thin

E166: Definitely Not Fake News with Yasmeen Hassan!
October 24, 2022

On this installment of Grade A Nation, Chris Thomas talks with Yasmeen Hassan, former local TV news anchor and recent co-founder of communications consulting firm H CUE.Areas covered include:-moving around quite a bit as a child and how that prepared Ya

E165: Get into Night Routine with Steve Maher!
October 21, 2022

On this installment of Grade A Nation, Chris Thomas talks with Steve Maher from the band Night Routine. We discuss a lot, including:-big city life in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Denver and living internationally in Uruguay-what it was like working fo

E164: Hot for Teacher! The Lovely OnlyFans Creator Sarah Juree
October 01, 2022

OnlyFans content creator Sarah Juree describes the scary experience of a blogger targeting her in an effort to get her fired from her work as a 5th grade STEM teacher. We discuss what it is like to be at the center of mass media attention, including all t