Grace Fellowship Church Alta Loma, CA

Grace Fellowship Church Alta Loma, CA

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Looking To The Future
December 31, 2017

As we look to the future, we all desire to discover and follow God's will for our lives. For most, knowing God's will is a frustrating process. Proverbs 3:5-6 provides us with the promise of His leading/directing along with three prerequisites for experie

Christmas 2017- What You Don't Know About Christmas
December 24, 2017

Many of the things that people believe about that first Christmas are questionable at best and simply wrong at the worst. Here are five commonly believed things about Jesus' birth that are "fake news" and one certainty that is real, truthful news. Good

The Most Amazing Sign
December 17, 2017

John finishes his "signs" that point us to belief in Jesus as the Messiah by describing the raising of Lazarus from the dead. To fully grasp the impact and import of this sign it is important know why Jesus waited for "two days" before going to Bethany a

Here's Mud In Your Eye
December 10, 2017

This sixth of Jesus' seven signs chosen by John to point us to Jesus is remarkable for many reasons. Here we observe Jesus' compassion and also see significant differences between those who believe and those who do not. Believe continues to be John's big

Not All Followers of Jesus Are The Same
December 03, 2017

Jesus' sermon following His feeding of the multitude offers Himself as "the bread of life" that "comes down from heaven". This message explores the responses to this message. The masses, the disciples (learners), and The Twelve respond in different ways

Four Encouragements For The Church
November 26, 2017

Pastor Eric Durso joined us Sunday morning to enable us to meet him and hear him preach. Jesus provides us with some very encouraging words in Matthew 16:18 regarding the church. Listen in as Eric shares this encouraging message

Jesus Attends Funerals Too
November 19, 2017

In preparation for the sharing of communion, I found myself thinking about the several funerals that Jesus attended. He was present at three of them (four if you count his own) and his presence made a spectacular difference. This message explores Jesus

Grace Fellowship meeting to approve the Revitalization Proposal
November 12, 2017

Following the morning service on November 12th we met to discuss the proposal from our sister churches in Simi Valley & Orange. Questions, answers, and discussion was followed by the vote. Results? 100% approval from those present

Missionary Guest, Cecil O'Dell
November 12, 2017

Our missionary, Cecil O'Dell, served as a missionary in Japan with his wife, Debbie, for 17 years and now serves reaching Japanese in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area. He leads a team that serves with him in reaching this unreached people. Cecil shares h

Evidence That Demands A Decision pt 6 The Bible is God's TRUTH
November 08, 2017

We continue our examination and understanding of the evidence for WHY we believe WHAT we believe about the Bible. The Bible is TRUTH.