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GPS: God. People. Stories.

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How an Incurable Diagnosis Led to an ‘Incurable Faith’
July 26, 2023

Andrea Herzer was an active young mother of three when unbearable pain left her suddenly bedridden. Since then, she has endured many years of illness, including cancer and a debilitating, chronic pain disorder.Today, Andrea is blessing others with her wis

They Already Had Three Children. Then They Met a Baby No One Else Wanted.
July 19, 2023

Carl and Anna Streck already had three young children when Anna held a foster baby in her arms and declared that he would become their son.Doctors said the baby boy would never walk, talk, see or hear. Carl didnt see how his wife could be serious.What

ALS Is Taking His Body, but His Soul Is Secure
July 12, 2023

Steve Cochlan received devastating news four years ago.He was told, Steve, you've got ALS. You've got two to three years to live, so go home and get your house in order.Today, even as his body is shutting down, Steve is clinging to faith in C

2 Heart Transplants and An Unshakable Faith
July 05, 2023

Britt Bentley was 28 years old, in the prime of his life, when he found out his heart was failing. Fifteen years after his first heart transplant, he was told he would need anotherand a new kidney as well. He takes us on the roller coaster ride that brou

Musician Ben Fuller: From Self Destruction to Salvation
April 05, 2023

Ben Fuller was 16 years old when he picked up a gun to end his life. As scenes of his funeral flashed before him, he put the gun down, but the battle for his soul was just beginning.When Ben left his home in Vermont and moved to Nashville in 2018 to chase

A Brief Announcement Regarding this Week’s Episode
March 29, 2023

Please take a moment to listen to this announcement from one of the hosts of GPS. We’re scheduled to return next Wednesday, April 5th, for the conclusion of the “Creating for Creator” series.Please join with us in praying for all those impacted by the sho

Mom Creates ‘Anxious Abby’ to Ease Children’s Worries
March 22, 2023

When Alyssa Cathers became a Christian counselor, she couldnt find many kid-friendly resources for helping children. So, she decided to create her own.Meet Alyssa and Anxious Abby, the character whos helping children in the aftermath of natural disast

‘Love Thy Nerd’: Gamer Starts Ministry for Fellow Nerds
March 15, 2023

Bubba Stallcup was awestruck when he realized he could combine his passion for video games with his love for Jesus.Today, Bubba and his team run Love Thy Nerd, an outreach for gamers of all kinds.In Part 3 of the five-part series Creating for the Crea

From Fashion to Fine Art: Kimberli Esther’s Artistic Journey
March 08, 2023

Although Kimberli Esther spent most of her career in the New York City fashion industry, she left that world behind.In this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories., Kimberli shares how she now uses art to express and share her love for Jesus Christ. Discove

Using YouTube for God’s Glory: Meet the Women Behind ‘Coffee & Bible Time’
March 01, 2023

Ashley Armijo and Taylor Krause were only high schoolers when they began to harness the power of the internet to share their faith.Today, the two sisters and their mom, Ellen, have more than a quarter-of-a-million subscribers on their YouTube channel, “Co