Govern ... This!?

Govern ... This!?

‘Courage Is Contagious’: Neophyte Politician, Non-Compliance Advocate, and Courage Guru – Meet Jeremy MacKenzie, Former 2021 PPC Candidate (GT020)

October 23, 2021

An hour with Jeremy MacKenzie will have you delving into:

How to Run in a Federal Election when you’re not a Politician
Non-Compliance and His Pandemic Tipping Point
Biggest Lie: “That you can’t make a difference.”
Masks: “I just say No!… They’re a symbol of the loss of our free speech!”
Getting Arrested and Making Friends
Creating Change: “The only way to get rid of masks is if ‘we’ take them off… we’ve done this to ourselves.”
Courage: “There’s opportunity on the other side of courageous steps.”
Embracing Confrontation: While staying calm, cool and kind
Standing Up and Rebuilding: “There’s no one who’s gonna get us out of this… It’s up to us!”
Courage From A Few: Change doesn’t need to take everyone


Episode Links:
Action 4 Canada
PPC (People's Party of Canada)
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