Govern ... This!?

Govern ... This!?

‘The Line in the Sand’: With Andrew Veness of Action4Canada (GT019)

September 27, 2021

An encouraging chat with Andrew Veness, a volunteer for Action4Canada. We cover a few things including the following:

Action 4 Canada: Who they are and what they’re doing
Legal Resources: Such as ‘Notice of Liability’ for schools and employers
Federal Election:Why are we surprised?
The VaxPass: Is it the start of a ‘Global Digital ID System’?
The Action and Rocco Galati Lawsuit: Against the Federal Gov., the BC Gov., and the CBC
The Hotel Quarantine Option… no one knows about
Alternate Social Media Platforms: Telegram, Gab… Let’s stop being censored! 

Episode Links:
Action 4 Canada
The Constitutional Rights Centre (Rocco Lawsuit Video)
Children Health Defence
Vaccine Choice Canada
Dr. Hoffe (Video Mentioned 'Capillary Blockage')
Thanks for listening & Until next time... Stay Strong and Stay Curious
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